Shout Bands

I hate to break theme so early, but after discussion in the first week of class the topic of shout bands came up. Shout bands were something I had never heard of, since they are bigger on the east than west coast so I decided to do a little research on them.

They originated in South Carolina from the strong and vibrant church music that is in that area. Usually comprised of various brass (trumpet, sousaphone, horn, and most predominantly trombone) they try to mimic vocal choirs. Shout bands have been around since as early as the 1920s with music stemming from early jazz.

Some of the most renown shout bands are Kenny Carr and the Tigers and The United House of Prayer bands.



This blog is part of the course requirement for the Advanced Brass Ensemble Literature class at University of Iowa. This blog will cover a variety of topics and ideas that are discussed in class and that are spurred by my mind afterwards. The running theme of this blog will be music influenced by Latin styles. This will include not only music in various Latin styles but also Latin American performing brass ensembles. I’d like to get started off with a link to the best of both worlds!

The piece is Gran Fanfaria by Giancarlo Castra performed by Gustav Dudamel conducting the Venezuelan Brass Ensemble, enjoy!