For the second part in the series of Latin music styles I would like to explore the use of the Bossa Nova in brass ensembles. The bossa nova originated from Brazil in the 1950s and 60s and translates to “new trend” and is a fusion of jazz and samba.

The bossa nova is a dance style that is typically in 4/4 or 2/4. The basic rhythm found in a bossa nova in 4/4 is a quarter note, eighth rest, eighth note, quarter rest, quarter note in the first measure, and quarter rest, quarter note, eighth rest, eighth note tied to a quarter note rhythm. Many bossa novas are strongly influenced by blues and in a 12 bar form.

Bossa Nova Rhyhtm.jpg

We see some brass chamber ensembles utilizing this. There are many examples of it in the trombone quartet literature, this is due to the fair amount of jazz trombone quartets that are actively performing.

Here is the Jon Welch Bone Zone quartet performing the piece Sanibel Sojourn.



One thought on “Styles Part 2: Bossa Nova

  1. Bossa Nova is pretty cool. I especially like some of the songs Frank Sinatra did in the Bossa Nova style. This video is pretty cool too.


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